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Width: 400 cm Length: 500 cm  

Height: 280 cm (From Ground)

Total Indoor Area: 20 m2

Gross Under Carcass Area:  20 m2 Gross

modern wooden camellia .


Carcass System:
It will be prepared with special dimensions and angles in accordance with standard or non-standard ground. 1st class imported Siberian yellow pine wiped laminated  made using timber
-Laminated lumber: It is the practice of cutting the wood by considering the fiber directions and reassembling it with special glues for the exterior in order to increase the strength of the wood.
-Siberian Scotch Pine: It is the most resistant to climatic conditions in Kayseri and its surroundings, and it is the kiln-dried resin-extracted timber.

Semi-permeable 1st class imported Siberian yellow pine wood lath application is made

With the wooden suspended ceiling application, a flat view is provided from the bottom. Membrane application is applied on the roof board with a 7% inclination.

Water resistant 1st class colorant varnish is applied on it. The contact with the ground water is interrupted by metal apparatus of 2 mm thickness between the ground and the wood. Roof water is given to the garden from the right side of the camellia with the roof gutter application.

This design can be turned into a winter garden if desired .

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