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tiny house 800


Portable "Tiny House" with its chassis and wheels is one of the indispensable choices of minimalist life lovers...

Product features:  
  • Total Indoor Area: 25.9 m2
  • Patio Area: 18,23 m2
  • Under Carcass Dimensions: 800 cm x 255 cm
  • Under Carcass Area:  20.4 m2 
  • Building Height: 455 cm
  • Skeleton Wood: 10x10
  • Skeleton Profile: 80x80
  • Window: Aluminum framed 4+16+4 synergy insulated glass
  • Interior Room Doors: American Panel Door
  • Wood Properties to be used: Impregnated, kiln-dried, Yellow Pine
  • Insulation: 5 cm Rock Wool
  • Roof: Galvanized Clamp Roof
  • Interior Wall Cladding: Birch Marine Plywood Veneer
  • Exterior Cladding: 1st class wainscot and clamp sheet application
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